Medical Center «Family medicine»

Provision of medical services for foreign citizens in the Center of family medicine, Ekaterinburg.

«Family medicine center» was opened in 2001, due to the increasing problem of infertility of married couples in the Ural region. During the work of the blades, thanks to the methods of assisted reproductive technologies, more than 15 thousand babies were born.

The program “Posthumous reproduction”, got its start in the FMC. Previously, this program was not implemented in more than one clinic in the world. “Center for family medicine” is a multiple winner of national and international awards. In 2018, the CCM won the nomination “Clinic of the year”. The center is a frequent organizer of international conferences on infertility treatment with the use of art.

All 17 years of clinic work, both clinical and scientific activity develops here. On the basis of the center, the following high-tech systems of assisted reproductive technologies were introduced for the first time in the national history : 

  • Micro-Imaging complex for the analysis of male gametes.
  • Complex laser microsurgery of germ cells and embryos.
  • System of in vivo evaluation of structural pathology of sperm and their selection for injection into eggs (IMSI).
  • Device for continuous monitoring and notification of the state of the environment inside the incubators and the environment for embryo cultivation.
  • The visualization system of the spindle and micrometre internal structures of the egg. 
  • The system of permanent monitoring of embryo development inside the incubator “Primo Vision Time-Lapse System”.
  • Domestic development – “Workplace embryologist 1 and 2 class of biological safety” (together with JSC “Laminar systems”, Miass, LLC “BMT”, Moscow).

Today “Center of family medicine” is a large holding, developing its network of units in the Ural Federal District. Opened branches in the cities: Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan.

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