Sanatorium "Russia"

Provision of sanatorium-and-spa services for foreign citizens in Sanatorium “Russia”, Altai territory.

Sanatorium “Russia” located in the famous resort area of Belokurich, has on its territory a natural park, an area of several hectares. The Sanatorium provides services of treatment and recovery of the European level, also there is a large SPA center and infrastructure for outdoor activities. 

Procedures Photo:

The Main distinguishing feature of the sanatorium is an individual approach to each patient and a high level of service. The Sanatorium can undergo a comprehensive examination of the body, which results in the patient will receive an individual plan of treatment and recovery with the use of unique natural factors, to achieve maximum positive effect.

Deluxe Room Photo:

Sanatorium “Russia” has one of the most interesting Wellness centers among all sanatoriums in the country. The Modern Center “TerraSPA”, constantly receives recognition of the clients, on all rating portals. Health and wellness programs for children from 4 years old, as well as family programs for parents with children are formed In the sanatorium.

You can make a reservation for rest and treatment in this sanatorium, and we will help you to choose a treatment program, transfer and other services. If you prefer to communicate via social networks or messenger, please specify it.

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