Development of oncology treatment in medical tourism

The chief oncologist of Russia Andrey Kaprin told about the development of Oncology treatment in medical tourism for foreign and Russian patients.

The chief oncologist of the country – Andrey Kaprin, gave an extensive interview for the news Agency TASS. He told how cancer treatment in Russia is developing and how medical tourism will improve the quality of service.

— Andrey Dmitrievich, first I would like to talk about building a system of cancer care in Russia. Do you have a passport of regions according to incommodi. Please tell us what it is and by what criteria they have been formed?

— Indeed, as part of the implementation of the national program for the fight against cancer, each Oncology center has prepared a passport on the state of the cancer care system in the region. According to them, we look at the staffing, what age the specialists work, equipment, and the number of outpatient cancer care centers (CAOP), and the location of the Central cancer clinic (dispensary).

We also need to understand the condition of this dispensary, where it has clinical beds. Some of the clinical beds are sometimes in hospitals. In such cases, we need to know whether everything is done correctly in terms of cancer treatment standards. We analyze the personnel composition not only by quantity, but also by age. If we see that radiologists are already elderly, then it is necessary to strengthen this link – it is necessary to prepare personnel in advance. If we see problems with diagnostics, we understand that it is necessary to pre-equip this service and to prepare people who will work on this equipment.

— The NMITS of radiology of the Ministry of health of Russia still has, it turns out, the first contract for medical tourism?

— We just three days ago signed it with our Bulgarian colleagues. We’ll treat their citizens at the proton therapy center. Now it is one of the most actively developing areas. In Bulgaria, unfortunately, oncologia going through hard times, so they are interested in cooperation with us. Interest is shown by Serbs, Croats, Czechs. In Uzbekistan, we were offered to open a branch of the Herzen Institute. Moreover, not only in Tashkent, in several other cities.

— What is their main interest, if we take European countries? Cost?

— The cost with a good qualification of doctors. They believe our qualification is sufficient and good. In addition, we have serious equipment, good equipment,

which is sometimes underutilized. Services for foreigners are always paid, they have a separate registry, but we still have much to do to improve the quality of support for such a patient. For medical tourists, of course, we will have to make our own marketing and support Department, because a sick person comes to a foreign country, with a foreign language.

— That is, when we talk about medical tourism, we first of all still mean that it does not worsen the situation of Russian patients in the same institutions? These are the concerns that are expressed.

— We’re not gonna let that happen. To expand the possibilities of proton therapy, for example, we concluded an agreement with rostec and our Czech colleagues on the construction of a new proton center in Obninsk on the fields of SPIEF this year.

In addition, in order to receive foreign tourists, it will be necessary to be certified according to European standards – this will generally raise the level of each such institution, where foreigners will come. Previously, Russian patients “fed” German and Israeli health care, now the level of quality of medical care is not worse. We are certified according to European standards, update treatment protocols – they, of course, will be the same for foreigners and Russians. As soon as we will regularly come, the staff and institutions will gradually learn how to work not only with them. The level and qualification of doctors will improve. Any recognition of our abroad is a very important factor for our health care.

Also, the chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of health of Russia, academician Andrey Kaprin, spoke about the creation of reference centers, the latest equipment and work with staff. The full version of the interview, You can read on the portal “The Future of Russia. National projects.” Also learn a lot about the development of treatment technologies in Oncology medical tourism, on our portal.

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