Independent medical tourism, life-threatening

The sad news came from Uzbekistan, a resident of Tashkent, died in the treatment of cancer in India. Independent medical tourism, without the participation of medical organizations, led to death.

Death of the patient

June 8 in Delhi, killed 52-year-old resident of Tashkent Nargiz Ahrorova, undergoing treatment in India. The organization of treatment was carried out by a certain Indian citizen living in Uzbekistan and his wife. The son of the deceased, recorded a video which tells how he was deceived by intermediaries in the organization of treatment.

“A woman with an Indian husband told us that $ 1,000 would cure my mother. We believed and on may 30 flew to Delhi with my mother. She came to India on her feet, and ten days later we returned her to Tashkent in a coffin,” Odilbek akhrorov said.

According to Akhrorov, the hospital staff estimated medicines for treatment five times more expensive than the mediators promised.

“For several days she was constantly receiving IVS and various injections. Mom’s kidneys gave out. We were told that we have to pay $ 5000 or $ 1500 per day. We didn’t have that kind of money. We were counting on $ 1000. Due to lack of money, I asked her to take to Uzbekistan,” says the son of the deceased.

Liability issue

The complexity of the situation is added by the fact that independent medical tourism, organized by private intermediaries, is not supported by contractual relations. Therefore, after the cost of treatment has increased several times, the mediator withdrew all responsibility.

This situation should pay attention to the legal framework in medical tourism around the world. Patients should have full information about the treatment earlier, and the mediator should be responsible for its accuracy. Probably it is necessary to introduce a license to engage in this activity, because it is about the health and lives of people. It is necessary to involve regulatory agencies to protect the rights of citizens of their country. Independent medical tourism is also dangerous because in an emergency situation the patient is not allowed to take an active part in negotiations and protection of their rights. It is necessary to cover medical tourism, its pros and cons for the citizens of the country. This will reduce the number of hasty decisions about the choice of the place of treatment.

More information about the incident, You can find on the website of the information portal EurAsia Daily. With other news in medical tourism, You can find on our website.

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