At the meeting of the SCO signed the agreements on medical tourism

As part of the regular meeting of SCO members held in Bishkek, the heads of the countries signed international agreements. The countries agreed to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and ensuring information security. Important was the signing of the agreement on medical tourism and telemedicine.

The SCO summit discussed the most important topics of international relations today. There were both General discussions and bilateral meetings between the leaders of the States. Issues of combating terrorism, information security, medical tourism and telemedicine were in the focus of attention of the participants.

India and Pakistan, which entered the SCO two years ago, take a particularly active part in the discussions. The countries see the prospect of mutually beneficial economic relations within the framework of the Association.

“India is ready to share its experience in telemedicine, medical tourism in order to strengthen and strengthen economic cooperation. Because protectionism has never benefited,” said Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi.

The next SCO meeting will be held in July 2020 in Chelyabinsk. At this summit, the annual results will be summed up, according to the agreements concluded now. Including agreements on medical tourism between the countries. For more information about the SCO summit, please visit the “Channel 1” website. You can learn more about how medical tourism is developing in the Russian Federation using the interactive map.

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