The perspective directions of medical tourism in Russia are defined

Taking into account the development of international medical tourism, Russia has the opportunity, due to the low cost and high quality, to become one of the leading countries. In a recent scientific article “Bulletin of GUU”, were identified directions directions of medical tourism in Russia.

Recently, a new scientific article on the prospects of medical tourism in Russia was published. The article reveals such concepts as inbound, outbound and domestic medical tourism. A mathematical analysis of the competitive environment of each international medical tourism and identified promising areas for Russia.

As part of this review, we will give an excerpt from the conclusion given in the article. The full text of the study, you can read on the website of the journal “Vestnik GUU”. Considered promising areas of medical tourism, today are actively developing in many regions of the Russian Federation.


“The analysis of the functioning environment has demonstrated the great potential of the Russian Federation in the field of international medical tourism. Due to the low cost of the national currency and the state strategy for the development of this industry, there is a real opportunity for Russia to become one of the leading countries in the field of international medical tourism within a few years. A striking example of the potential of the Russian Federation – implantology in orthopedics. Efficiency in terms of price and quality of services, hip replacement in Russia, at least 58 % higher than in any country in the world. For comparison, the cost of services in Russia is $ 3,000. In India, $ 9,000. USA and in Germany $ 25,000. USA. This difference will fully cover all other costs of medical tourists.

Another promising area of medical tourism in Russia is ECO. Given the problems of territorial neighbors in carrying out these medical procedures, Russia is guaranteed to become attractive for medical tourists from the Commonwealth and China. The effectiveness of such procedures according to the study, in Russia is 24 % higher than the nearest efficiency of India . Taking into account the low cost, Russia can become the number 1 choice in the world in this direction. However, do not forget about those countries that according to MTI are not included in the list of advanced countries of medical tourism, but are among the leaders in a particular direction. In this case, a competitor in the provision of ECO services can be Spain, which has an active position on the development of this industry in the country.

According to such procedures as CyberKnife, CABG, cataract treatment and plastic surgery, Russia is on the 1-2 lines of the efficiency rating, and shares the first places with India. This is an excellent result for the development of medical tourism in Russia. For example, in India, the medical tourism industry has crossed the threshold of $ 5 billion. US, and the annual increase in the number of medical tourists is 20 %.

Potential in the international arena

There were also studies on the effectiveness and endocrinology, where in the treatment of diabetes achieved high achievements in South Korea and India. With the high quality of treatment and the latest equipment in these countries, they have managed to significantly reduce the cost of treatment. The presence of staff speaking two or more languages provides an additional advantage to countries and makes them absolute leaders. In order for Russia to compete with India and South Korea in medical tourism, Russia needs to train medical personnel in foreign languages, simplify the visa regime, purchase the latest equipment, and introduce new treatment technologies.

Russia has the potential, taking into account the trends in the development of international medical tourism and price analysis of medical services in the country, for the development of international medical tourism in its territory. At the moment, there are necessary infrastructure resources in the form of hospitals, hospitals, medical institutions and private medical centers that require minor upgrades. Russia has a high level of medical European technologies, in which neighboring countries are interested. Also in Russia there are several medical universities, which are in the top 1,000 best universities in the world. In Russia there is a demand for medical education, not only higher, but also specialized secondary. The reputation of Russian medicine in the world is at an acceptable level, but requires measures to improve it. In the CIS countries, Russia is a leader in most medical technologies and services. The analysis of the environment of functioning revealed a huge potential in competition with the leading countries of the world in the market of medical tourism. In such separate areas as IVF and implantology in orthopedics, Russia is the absolute leader in the efficiency of prices and services in the world, and what is necessary to focus in the first years of the country in this market.

Necessary changes

However, for the successful implementation of the Federal project “Development of export of medical services” in Russia it is necessary to carry out a number of activities and make organizational decisions. Today it is necessary to create a list of medical centers ready for international certification. It is necessary to motivate the staff to learn foreign languages and to train the skills of a high world standard of service. It is necessary to initially design the digital component of the project, creating software for easy interaction of all participants of medical tourism in Russia. It is necessary to develop legal support for the project “Development of export of medical services”. It is necessary to create a legislative framework that ensures the work of the project, including the creation of medical visas that will not only simplify patients ‘ stay in the country, but also allow to maintain target statistics of patients.

Summing up, we can say that the project is very promising for Russia, as noted by foreign colleagues. According to some estimates of experts, more than 30,000 patients have expressed a desire to visit Russia in order to obtain medical services. In the future, it is possible to create large medical clusters in Russia, with the participation of Belarus, other CIS countries or partner countries, for example, China, where equipment will be produced, students will be trained, new discoveries will appear.»

To study the prospects of Russian regions in medical tourism, use the interactive map of the industry. Today, it is important to discuss with the regulator promising areas of medical tourism for their further development.

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